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By Jasmine Lee

Hylink Digital is proud to announce its new branch in Paris, France. Hylink Digital FR is China’s first independent digital marketing agency to launch in the country. The agency aspires to bridge the cultural gap between China and continental Europe in creative ways at a time when opportunities in China can no longer be overlooked. China’s demand for French talent, design, and luxury goods remains indisputably strong.

The French agency will be led by Yuan Zou, Head of Luxury & Fashion, who will work with international counterparts in our London, UK and US Offices.

The move is part of Hylink's global expansion plan, which aims to help Western brands ease into the China market and help Chinese brands expand globally into new markets worldwide.

Humphrey Ho, Managing Director at Hylink USA commented: "We are excited to have a continental European representation at Hylink. It is yet another step in the 5-year effort for Hylink to internationalize, starting with a Seoul office in 2014, a Los Angeles office in 2016, a London, UK office in 2017, and a New York office in 2018. We anticipate tremendous cross-border marketing demand between continental Europe and China in the near future."

The Hylink France office is located at 54 Avenue Hoche 75008, Paris, France. With a quaint view of the Arc de Triomphe, Hylink FR is also a convenient walk from both our clients and agency powerhouses in France. We look forward to our future work in Europe.

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